Meet Talk²


Say hello to Talk², or Talk-Two or Talk-Square!

Today is our first post and we’ll explain a bit about this project. Before starting, feel free to follow us and leave you comments or suggestion. We’ll try to keep all details about this project as much up-to-date as we can, as well reply to any question you might have.

First come first: What is Talk² ?

In a sentence: Talk² is a microcontroller development solution with build-in communication capabilities. But in reality it takes a bit more than that to explain all the features and the problems it tries to solve.

You may noticed, we used the term development solution instead of development board, that’s because Talk² is designed to be a platform independent solution. In the real life it means that you’ll be able to make your Arduino project talk with a Raspberry Pi using wire or wireless communication. Better than that, you can reliably send and receive messages to your MCU from the Internet, which can be an AVR or ARM.

Solution Overview

To better understand what’s all about, have a look on the diagram below:


Talk² is a combination of hardware, software and a few protocol rules which provides you a standard way to integrate different platforms, as well enabling Internet connectivity through devices like Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.

Talk² Family

As this project meant to cover multiple platforms, there are different line of products being engineered, from expansion modules to be used with existent development boards to all-in-one boards designed to be run on battery for years. Here some of those:

Raspberry Pi HAT

The Talk² RPi HAT is designed to add wire and wireless communication to your Raspberry Pi. Those mini-computers are incredibly powerful and essential to the solution, as they can easily connected to multiple network services that require heavier and sophisticated protocols. You would never try to configure your Arduino to talk with a SQL database over SSL.

Arduino/AVR Compatible BoardPCB_04

Compatible with Arduino codebase and based on the popular Atmel MCU ATMega328p, we’re developing multiple variants for this board. From a 5V full size version with wired connection only to an ultra-low power miniature version fitted with wireless and many sensors, capable of running for years with a pair of batteries.


Following similar philosophy as the Arduino compatible boards above, we’re building boards based on ARM Cortex M3 to give you the change to choose the more convenient platform to use.

Module only

Another option is that you might decide to build your own modules following the Talk² specifications and using the public available libraries and examples.


What’s Next

As mentioned before this is only the beginning, more details about this project will be posted soon. If you’re interested in hear more about that, don’t forget to Follow using the link on the bottom of this page.

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