About Talk²

We live in a connected World, and that’s great! Now imagine if you could easily put together all the data produced by your projects, independent of the platform you’ve developed it? Bringing things together allow us to know more and do more.

Having this in mind we’ve created Talk² (or Talk-square). A simple development tool, compatible with popular platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many others. It has been designed to interconnect multiple devices as well add Internet connectivity to all. You can connect via wire, wireless or even mix, all talking the same protocol.

Talk² has been engineered to fulfill the lack of networking in the microcontroller world. It delivers a simple and reliable link which can be used to send and receive sensor data, events and actuator control. Talk² also leverages resources from more powerful devices, like Raspberry Pi, working as a Bridge to the Internet.


Talk² is a project developed by Wisen – The Internet of Your Things!