New Site: Wisen and Talk² together!

Hi Everyone, we’ve a Site!

Wisen and Talk² are now sharing the same URL: The new site contains Wisen Solutions, Talk² Store and Blog.

Articles from this blog will be move to the new location.


Powering micro-controllers by Battery

Working with low-power applications, one of the most common topic are batteries. Questions like “Which one is the best battery?” is a very common one. We all know that there’s not a single answer for such question, and this post will explore the different options as well highlight the weakness and strengths of some common kinds of batteries.

Although this is can be considered a generic battery post, it has been written having low voltage micro-controller applications in mind, more specifically solutions like our Whisper Node product.

So the question the post tries to answer is: “Which is the best battery to power my micro-controller application?”


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Talk² Shop


We’re please to announce that the Talk² Shop is now Open! To access it just follow the link below:

You also can get more information about the Talk² boards on the new “Product” menu.

We’re currently working to make the store better, so please let us know if you have any question or suggestion.