Product: Talk² Raspberry PI HAT


The Talk² RPI HAT combines a robust ARM Cortex M3 MCU with a 4Mbit external SPI Flash, a CAN Bus Controller, two high-speed CAN Bus transceivers and a powerful RFM69W sub-GHz RF Module. All powered by a 5-30V Step-down Switching Regulator and a Dual 300mA LDO Regulator, offering one 5V and two 3.3V Rails.

The board is a standard Raspberry PI HAT, including the ID I²C EEPROM and expansion headers, so you can upgrade you Raspberry PI into an advanced and reliable wired/wireless Gateway for your IoT or any other microcontroller project.

Using this HAT you can easily create a link between your preferred MCU/Development Board, like Arduino, and the Internet. You can also back-power your RPI, so you don’t need to use an external A/C Adapter if you already have power your Bus.

Where to Buy

Available on our official on-line store:

Dimensions and Connections

  • Board size: 56.5 x 65 x 1.6mm (Official RPI HAT dimensions)
  • RPI Interface: 40 Pin (20×2) PCB Header – See “PCB Headers” for details
  • ARM Serial Wire Debug for MCU Communication
  • External backup battery connection for MCU Real-Time-Clock
  • 2 x RJ45 for CAN Bus and Power Rail connections
  • RF SMA Connection for external Antenna
  • 5.08mm PCB Block for  a 5-30V power supply


  • MCU ARM Cortex M3: STM32F103C8T6 (64Kb Flash/20Kb RAM)
  • 4Mbit SPI Flash: W25X40
  • 32Kbit I²C EEPROM: 24C32
  • CAN Controller: MCP2515
  • 2x CAN Transceivers: NCV7351D13*
  • Sub-GHz RF Module: RFM69W**
  • Step Down Switching Regulator: MCP16311
  • Dual LDO Regulator: RT9011
  • 2x 16Mhz and 1x 32.768KHz Crystals

*Might be shipped with compatible CAN Transceiver: ATA6561/MCP2562/SN65HVD256.
**Might be shipped with compatible RF Module: RFM69CW

This page still under construction. Soon you’ll find more details about this product, including documentation, schematics and sample codes here.

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